Carlson School of Management – Chief Innovation Officer / Executive Education

Informatics Tag CloudMy new role is Chief Innovation Officer for the Carlson School of Management / Executive Education / University of Minnesota.   The University is looking at its role in supporting the business community and what new offerings are needed to help corporations and start-ups succeed.   In my role I will be working in the product development of new offerings.

The key areas of focus will include:

  1. Leadership:   This in main stream business school offerings focused on talent development of emerging leaders through the C-suite and board.
  2. International Business:  As globalization increases,   business must develop new strategic and operational capabilities.
  3. Innovation:  This is subdivided into three core areas of exploration and economic development:
    1. Corporate Innovation Practice:   Work with innovation groups in developing core capabilities and sharing of best practices
    2. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:   Explore and Identify key capabilities and services missing from the regional ecosystem in comparison to other regions, globally, that are thriving.   This includes a full spectrum of incubation, financial, big data services and the platforms and networking services needed to support the ecosystem.
    3. Cluster Innovation:  Join federal and regional efforts looking a cluster level co-opition and joint ventures in driving centers of excellence and regional research centers.

The new adventure begins…

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