Expo 2023 Worlds Fair April 2014 Planning Event

Expo_2023_Logo_Tagline11The April 2014 event was held at the Union Depot Station in St. Paul Minnesota.  Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.   He explained the international bid process for securing the fair through the International Bureau of Expos (IBE) that is headquartered in Paris France.   The process takes several years requiring studies and proposals of feasibility and potential impact and investment into the region.   The overall goal of the expo is regional development and global integration of the host cities.   These efforts are extensive and funding is required via cross community sponsors of corporations, government, NGOs, academics, and the community in general.   Fund raising efforts are already underway at this time and plans for crowd sourcing campaigns are being designed to seed the early stage team putting the bid together.Union Station.

(Union Station in St. Paul Minnesota)

The event also recapped recent impact of Worlds Fairs including:

2010 Shanghai:  80M+ visitors

2012 Yosef, Korea – 8M visitors

2015 Milan, Italy – Next year

2017 Astana, Kazakistan – in bid process

2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates – in bid process

The competition for the 5 year intervals is much larger than for the off years.   Usually the event on the 5 year intervals are much larger in size and length and overall investment.   Several large cities in the USA have already begun the bid process and have been collaborating with Minnesota as they are farther down the process and much larger in scale.  This has helped Minnesota target 2023 as an optimal year to via for in the bidding process.

The Q&A section of the event saw active dialogue across the attendees.  Some insights into the discussion included:

  • The USA had pulled out of the IBE due to international politics of the past.   It will require the Federal Office of Secretary of State to reestablish of membership in the global expo community.   The USA is already committed to participating in the 2015 Milan event, but has not rejoined as a potential host.
  • The USA ran many of the largest and most successful World’s Fairs in the 20th century.  It had established us as a global leader and where showcase of technology and social development.  There where people in the room that had attended these events as children and talked about the impact and impress it had made on them and the historical significance those events held for the country.
  • There where a few examples of smaller fairs that had financially failed and had a negative impact to the region.   Those fairs where not regionally supported and had low investment overall.   They also failed to have a strong plan of investments in infrastructure that would benefit the region ongoing.   Lastly,  global marketing and collaboration to have other countries as direct participants is also a critical success factor in driving overall attendance and international significance.

The next event is schedule for May 2015 – Get involved and stay connected at: www.Expo2023.info

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