MN State CIO Meeting

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I was recently a co-speaker at the KPMG Innovation Council along with the Minnesota State Director of Innovation James Kauth.   Our presentations both talked about data initiatives underlying economic development.   This lead to a follow on meeting with the Minnesota State CIO Carolyn Parnell.   I was able to present the full scope of the North Star Initiative to create innovation centers and highlighted to opportunities of building a data portfolio covering all aspects of the innovation process and sector activities.
There was good synergy between the state’s initiatives to make more sources of public data available via apis to drive innovation and see what creative ideas could be generated with the new data sources.   The data the innovation centers would both enrich that base of public data and we could see direct mapping opportunities liking data around corporate employee and revenue growth to companies involved with the innovation centers over the long term.   This would provide more data and insights into which sectors in the region where both innovating and prospering and help attract more interest to the region.
Finding grant support for fund a pilot to integrate the data platforms would be a key next step.

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