Design of a World’s Fair


At the latest Expo2023 meeting speaker Dean Tom Fischer from the UMN design school presented on the topic of design for World’s Fair.   Examples where shown of design and regional investments that had been made over history at World’s Fair.   While some fair’s build temporary structures, the real opportunity allows in percent investments that transform the region with business and community assets that live on past the fair.  In many cases,  there are also iconic structures that are built that become internationally recognized symbols that strength the brand of the city.  Some examples are the Eiffel Tower in Paris,  the Sky Needle in Seattle, etc.

Capped Freeway Duluth

Another major consideration is the the location of the fair.   In Expo2010, Shanghai’s water front was extensively remodeled and literally remade the new downtown of the city.   Other design examples included maximizing the land that is used by freeways through green space capping.   This allows for “new land” integrated directly into densely built areas and create a transformative effect.   The Q&A part of the event quickly moved to possible locations in Minneasota.   While there are site options all around the Minneapolis / St. Paul area,  the more interesting idea was that there could be locations in multiple cities making it a Minnesota World’s Fair vs. a single city format.

Check out the gallery for more examples




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