World’s Fair Bid Update


I attended the October event for the planning of the Minnesota World’s Fair.   Of primary conversation was an update of the bid process as the MN delegation returned from the meeting with the International Bureau of Expos located in Paris France.    Conversations with the IFB had gone well and Minnesota was now on the radar for entering the bid process along other global cities.

The biggest obstacle facing our bid process and for that of other US cities currently via for various fair years, is the US withdrawal from the IFB community during the Bush administration.   Continued efforts at the Federal level to rejoin the international community has not been successful at this time and currently prevents the USA from hosting a World’s Fair.    Given the USA leadership role is host world renown fairs that showcased the latest technology innovation,  this is a curious place to find ourselves.  There seems to be a strange amount of ambiguity around the reasons for withdrawal  that centers on the miss appropriation of funds during that administration, but that seems to block any effort to investigate rejoining at this time.

Only time will tell if multiple US cities can band together to lobby Washington to reverse our position.    Note:  The US still participates in foreign fair’s,  so it seems to be more of an internal problem in Washington vs. a issue of foreign policy.



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