Innovation Discussion with the UMN Law School

UMN Law School

I have been exploring new entrepreneurial services at the UMN Carlson School of Business for both start-up and corporate venture team.   We hosted a meeting with the UMN Law School at the Carlson School of Management to explore synergies.  Quickly it became clear that the Law School and a lot to offer the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.   Here is a quick list of insights that arose from the partnership conversation:
  1. The Legal faculty had external practices that where activity involved in the entrepreneurial space
  2. Their faculty had more “real world” experience than traditional academics
  3. The school ran external programs and events that supported the start-up community
  4. The breadth of faculty expertise was extensive, but the schools networks where equally broad
  5. There would be many ways to combine strengths with the business school to combine business and legal services to the community
  6. There was strong and willing interest from the side of the Law School
  7. Budgeting would be the great obstacle
I would recommend that start-up and corporate venture teams consider how to plug into the existing offerings from the Law School and how to build strategic relationships to benefit their efforts.

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