FEDA / Harvard Cluster Studies Follow Up


I had a follow up to the Cluster Analysis kick off hosted at the UMN last September 2014.  Joining me on the call was the MN Director of innovation and we where exploring partnership opportunities around the collection of economic data in both the public data and innovation space.   My particular interest was in capturing addition data around innovation centers the full lifecycle of start-up maturation on a regional level.   Though partnerships with centers and through integration with public data sources  we could get a level deeper in the economic activity happening in the corporate and entrepreneurial areas.  By building on the standards already set forth in the cluster analysis we hope to define the next level of data in this area so that all regions could capture data consistently for analysis.   We are looking to develop analytics for the health and activity within clusters around the time, cost, and progress made by start-ups and corporate innovation initiatives.  The innovation centers provide a great base where much of this activity is happening and can be one of key sources of data for the overall model.   I’ve been working with economist and other data analytics specialists to develop economic data models to this end and identifying the public, private, and NGO data partnerships that could provide valuable in a integrated data capture strategy.




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