US / Australia – American Chamber Event

Hon. John Berry, US Ambassador to Australia
I had the opportunity to attend the American Chamber event with The Hon. John Berry, U.S. Ambassador to Australia.
The event was full and hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.   The focus of the event was to discuss American and Australia current relationship and explore opportunities for collaboration and business partnership.
Several US business representatives shared their success stories partnering with Australian companies.   The insights and motives for the partnerships all differed, but each saw strategic gains from their respective business case study they shared.
The speakers are highlighted on the agenda below:
The keynote was from Ambassador John Berry.   He opened with a personal story of his father’s WWII experience with the 1st Marine Division on Gradual Canal and his units deployment to Australia after that campaign.   The story told of the deep US / Australian alliance throughout WWII and set the stage of continued cooperation into today.  As my father also served in the 1st & 3rd Marine Divisions in WWII this was a great opportunity for me to talk with the Ambassador during the networking session of the event.  His presentation also outlined the strong cultural alignment between the two nations and the history of both government and business partnerships.   He commented on the business case studies and how they modeled what was possible.   He also emphasized on how Australia was, in many cases,  a better place for US businesses to begin going global and Australia’s strong ties to business connections in Asia as a good partner to help enter those markets.  Lastly, he emphasized Australia’s interest in investment in the USA.
This was a very strategic meeting for me in terms of making good connections with the both US chamber and trade organizations in both the USA and Australia.   The work I’m doing in developing innovation ecosystems today spans business, government, entrepreneurial and infrastructure investment opportunities.   Already this work is spanning investment partners from the USA, Europe, and Asia,  so the opportunities to build partnerships with Australia is great timing.
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