Expo 2023 Press Conference


I attended Expo 2023 World’s Fair press conference hosted at the offices of Greater MSP in downtown Minneapolis.    The event featured opening remarks from Marilyn Carlson and other supporting regional influencers.   Former Secretary of State Mark Ritchie spoke to the current progress his team was making in preparing for the bidding process and challenges that will be faced in securing the fair for Minnesota.  He and other team members also spoke to position various activities of marketing, fund raising, and organizational development.
The Q&A session explored questions around fair locations, costs, etc.    Some questions also probed some of the thinking about infrastructure investments required and the success and failure of other fairs.  A key issue in fair design and success revolves around making infrastructure investments that benefit the city ongoing after the fair.   Of particular interest was the conversations around theme.   Given 2015 was the World’s Fair in Milan centered on food,  it set a good president for the Minnesota fair being center on Health & Wellness.
This event was a major milestone for the Expo2023 team becoming more visible to the public and formally sharing the progress to securing the bid for 2023.
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