Technopuc / Brazil Corporate Research Park


I was able to sit down with researchers working at the Tecnopuc corporate research park in Brazil to discuss the best practices around the implementation of the park,  innovation services, and research on how collaboration is forming in these large scale centers.   This park is a more traditional corporate research park that has been springing up around the world in countries across Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America.   Here large number of industries start to converge around concepts of collaboration, innovation, strategic partnerships, shared services, research and financial incentives.   For many large companies participation in these global parts is a critical success strategy for both global partnerships and as entry points into new markets.    Technopuc also features an integrated university that is supporting the park and doing research across industries and innovation. The number of shared services is relatively low at this point,  so much of the networking research today is focused on serendipity vs. actual facilitation and orchestration.   Even the research around serendipity alone is impressive showing the collaboration and partnerships that organically occur do to simple proximity and shared communication.   This type of research will only become more in-depth as new model of centers are created that combine more shared infrastructure, education, innovation, and commercialization services in a shared services model.    Also the trends to network these parks globally will change the ease and level for cross global collaboration and sharing of knowledge.   Not to mention accelerate the data and research possible in studying global innovation and business trends.    We will continue to watch the progress and research from these institutions and keep the dialogue open to review the new models for centers we are currently developing working with international teams.

Park Details:


  • 62 Companies (Accenture, Datacom, DBServer, Dell, HP, Instituto Eldorado, Microsoft, Parks, Stefanini, Technotag, ThoughtWorks, Tlantic/Sonae, TOTVS, )
  • 8 Institutions (ABINEE, Assespro, Softsul, Instituto Liberdade, Fundao Pensamento Digital, PMI, …)
  • 11 PUCRS Research Centers and PUCRS Operations (Nanotechnology Research Center, Molecular and Functional Biology Research Center , Solar Photovoltaic Research Center, Energy Radiation Research Center, Electric Energy Research Center, Carbon Storage Research Center, AGT, ETT, INOVAPUC, etc)
  • 3 PUCRS Operations (TECNOPUC, AGT and ETT)
  • RAIAR Incubator: 18 start-ups, all of them academic or research spin-off projects
  • More than 2,600 certified personnel (employees)


Academic Impact

  • 144 ongoing R&D Projects
  • 59 PUCRS researchers involved
  • 241 Master’s and PhD Scholarships (directly allocated in R&D projects)
  • 320 Master and PhD Scholarships (TECNOPUC research fund)


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