Discussing Innovation Centers with University of Minnesota Duluth University – Part I


I was part of MN team that hosted a international representatives from the Innovation Centers in Russia.   They have embarked on creating proof of concept center in major universities and in partnership with government and industry centers.   This was a follow on from the 2013 Russian Innovation tour hosted by the state of Minnesota.    The goal was to meet with prominent universities, corporations, and innovation thought leaders to exchange best practices in center design and to build partnerships around international corridors for commercialization.  Today there are already corridors established with two major US universities outside of Minnesota.  Already cohorts of advanced technology are coming to america and being incubated developing their commercialization roadmap in the USA.
Our trip to Duluth yielded very interesting conversations around educational offerings the University is developing focused on International Cultural Entrepreneurship.   This is a full B.S. in business administration targeted at developing a  global awareness and business skill set.  The program is a integration of three major pillars of study:
  1.  Business and Entrepreneurship:  16 credits of business administration and 12 credits of Entrepreneurship.   The goal is that the graduate has the skills to be both a corporate intrepreneur or private entrepreneur.
  2. Foreign Languages:  Two foreign languages are required as a basic to expand the understanding of different cultures and communication.  It expands creativity and understanding of how cultures conduct business differently both in methods and styles.
  3. Cultural Literacy and Conceptual Competencies:  A minimum of six competencies areas including:
    • Creativity & Design
    • Empathy & Meaning
    • Ethics & Respect
    • Picture & Story
    • Play & Discipline
    • Symphony & Synthesis

CUE pyramid

The program also explores the rapidly growing Global Creative Economy.  This represents large growth in GDPs in the emerging markets in the areas of:
  • Heritage: Religion, and Culture
  • Arts: Visual & Performance
  • Media: Print & Digital
  • Functional Services:  Example – Design:  Fashion, Architecture, etc.

To lean more visit visit the program site.

See images in the gallery



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