Investment Conversations with Dubai


This month marked a conversation with Dubai for the business development team.   The middle east is actively looking for diversification strategies away from their long-standing oil sector.   North America in is a likely candidate for diversification and strategic partnerships simply due to the stability of the region and wide availability of hard assets / land that could be secured can be secured for long-term investment. This is a very familiar theme that I have encountered with foreign delegations visiting the USA and in many international    The group was able to meet with over ten advisors to the royal family to discuss opportunities past land and real estate opportunities, but to explore interest levels in building new forms of innovation centers, education centers,  and international exchange programs for business, start-ups, and students.
Insights from the ongoing discussions :
  •  The economy in the middle east is rapidly impacted by global events their attention rapidly pivots.  It is only when oil prices are stable that the attention can begin to consider the long-term investment horizon.
  • The interest level is high to build a variety of international exchange services around innovation and education.
  • Bringing new innovation technologies to the middle east is critical to meet many of the challenges facing the region.
  • New education programs are essential to help develop the workforce for tomorrow’s job needs.
  • Basic business services are needed to make international networking easier and supported by a references system.
  • Land and real estate can be viable long term options but the key will be to do in in partnership with direct domestic investment partners in the region.
  • There are many vehicles for moving large amounts of international funds through support the US Federal Commercial Services,  EB-5 Programs, and international banking services.  New emerging companies are creating a next-generation  banking platforms  are also rising that offer interesting capabilities around fund transfer and currency translation that will probably usher in new forms of regulation.
Continued dialogue is planned and the potential to host a foreign delegation is being considered in the coming months.  With potential trips being explored in both directions to have more stakeholders vet the opportunities.

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