2nd Investor Delegation from SE Asia


Our Economic Development Team hosted the second delegation from SE Asia this month.   This group was based out of Seoul Korea and represented interests in S. Korea, Philippines, and Malaysia.    The core focus of this conversation focused on international exchange programs around both education and business services.
Business areas included:
  • Professional high-density courses for business professional looking for advanced degrees in various business disciplines.
  • Professional briefing in both industry overviews and global market trends.
  • Professional networking services between nations based on industry focus areas.
  • Professional Industry Immersion experiences.
  • Professional and Student based training in English (  note:  With world legislation around Patents and IP center on English is becoming a critical education path for many countries to support overall workforce development.
  • Student Industry Internships.
  • Student based training in business and vocational professions.
  • Professional and Student based orientation & long term stay services ( prior to many of the services list above )
Many of these services are being implemented in countries across SE Asia as both predatory for their business professionals and students.   The goal is to embed these services in all countries to facility easy exchange and support business activities.  Individual firms in the region have contracted over 14,000 instructors from countries all over the world.
Online services are also a key component of the discussion.    Many of these programs in SE Asia have already built extensive online solutions to support both global-scale through partnerships with large technology and communication vendors.   A key learning was that no vendor provided a comprehensive solution  especially in supporting the diversity of infrastructure found between the most advanced cities and the most remote rural locations.   In most cases best of breed solutions needed to be developed and constantly evolved.
There was really strong momentum around partnership opportunities with the US academic institutions and 3rd party businesses we are working with.    Future meetings are currently being planned to discuss implementation of these services across countries.

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