NE, AZ, MT Increase State Innovation Budgets

United-States-Map-2State legislatures take proactive steps to spur innovation in their regions.   Governors lead the way in signing budgets that support a future vision of their state’s goals and building a foundation of assets for prosperity.

Nebraska: Governor Pete Ricketts

  • $2M for a small business investment microloans for small company growth and entrepreneurship.
  • The University of Nebraska budget of near $12K research.
  • $4M per year for grants up to $500,000 each to small businesses to drive the commercialization of new processes or products.

Arizona:  Governor Doug Ducey

  • $3M in new investments for high-speed internet to rural schools.
  • $200K for state-wide computer programing training.
  • $21.5M for the Arizona Commerce Authority

Montana: Steve Bullock

  •  $375K states matching funds program.
  • $200K to the Manufacturing Extension Center
  • $200K to Montana State University’s Northern Advanced Biofuel Center.
  • $56.1M to the Commissioner of Higher Education R&D agencies.
source: SSTI



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