MN in the Worlds Fair Nomination Process


Minnesota successfully navigated the process to both re-joining the international expo community and now successfully securing a nomination entering bidding process targeting hosting the 2023 worlds fair.   With the overall theme focusing on health and wellness, the critical next step is developing the proposal.   Central to the proposal will be an infrastructure pitch showing the resources the region has to handle a worlds fair level crowd in terms of hotelling, transportation, and overall attractions.   In addition,  the region will be competing against other competitors to create a differentiated experience that makes world’s fair a historic event.   The history of the world’s fair is full of precedent-setting experiences of technology, society, and culture.   This will be Minnesota’s real challenge.  Certainly, the fact we are already hosting super bowl level events suggests we have the basics of core infrastructure, but the differentiator will be the deciding factor.   Do we have a public and globally recognized vision for our region?   Are we leading the way in high growth industries and being the center of new and emerging industries?  Are we looked to as a central player for innovation and solving tomorrow’s grand challenges?   The bidding process will tell…

See the announcement in the international photo gallery

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