PMDA Medical Innovation Panel at hosted at Abbott

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.05.24 PM.pngI attended the August PDMA innovation event at Abbott ( formerly St. Jude.)   The interaction between the medial panel and the audience was quite involved with the audience being full of experts in their own right.   This provided multiple points of view to key topics identified below.

Abbott VP of Research and Development and University of Minnesota Medical Device Center Director explain how work gets done in a highly regulated and exciting ecosystem. We shall review components of research, product development, patients or consumers, costs, legalities and regulations – and, the Innovation Collaboration.
  • Engage companies to discover unmet consumer needs
  • Identify transdisciplinary resources
  • Assemble expert research and engineering team
  • Incorporate the company’s team to collaborate
  • Manage team project schedule
  • Produce deliverables based on individual agreement
  • Understand the capabilities and partnerships at the University of Minnesota Medical Device Center
  • Learn about the business relationships with the University of Minnesota and medical companies
  • Learn about the behind-the-scenes medical work:
    • What are the key phases of the product development process, and how are patients involved in this process?
    • With new regulations and increasing costs of manufacturing, how do you balance customer requirements, cost of research, product costs, and pricing pressures?
    • Which political or legal forces have the biggest impact on the medical device industry?
    • How does healthcare economics and reimbursement play a role in product development, new product adoption and money available to invest in R&D?


See more photos of the event in the gallery

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