2018 AK, CO, FL, MS, WY State Budgets Updates

United-States-Map-2First of the year updates on the development of 2018 state budgets.     Alaska and Wyoming are interesting to note as they respond to pressure in the energy industry.

Alaska, Governor Walker
  • Decrease in state dividend payments from the state energy industry to address the $2.5B budget gap.
Wyoming, Governor Mead
  • Reduces funding to a number of agencies.
  • $40M requested in new funding for projects around technology-based economic development and industry diversification.
Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper
  • Goal to increase general fund by 2.6% ( coming back from $500M gap)
  • $86.9M higher education spending, of which, $33.2M focused on offsetting tuition costs.
  • $3.1M for restoring the Energy Office, which ended last year.   This would extend the state’s export incentive for another five years at $175K.
  • $225K  for two broadband staff
Florida, Governor Scott
  • $21.4B in K-12 public education.
  • $15M for computer programing from middle and high school levels.
  • $3.7B for Florida colleges and universities.
  • $1.75M for assistance to veterans looking for employment or entrepreneurship.
Mississippi, Governor Bryant
  • $7M program for community college assistance to approved applicants.
  • $400K for Innovate Mississippi, a private-public partnership technology focus economic development.


Source: SSTI

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