IoT and Smart Water

IMG_4570Minnesota DEED Trade Office hosted a Smart Water Round Table event at the Uponor corporation on May 10th, 2018.   Featured were a host of IoT companies showcasing their work in smart water solutions.   The audience and speakers who attended came from as far away as Europe and South America.   This event came on the heels of the Minnesota IoT Fuse conference.   The solutions they covered spanned a vast array of topics including:  precision agriculture, water treatment, smart cities,  transportation, city infrastructure optimization, etc.    The companies also represented specializations in hardware & sensors,  data aggregation and analytics, and business model development.


Presentations covering the growth of IoT and the projections of its uses globally as a transformative technology with will create new solutions an capabilities across all industry sectors.   IoT is quickly accelerating as it leverages all the cutting edge advances in computer, sensor, and big data technologies.   The future of IoT will also be affected by the passing of data and networking policies, that vary across countries and states.   The benefits of successfully applying IoT are great, as is, the negative consequences of it being used for harm by hackers.   So IoT’s future will depend on both policy and security maturation.

Minneasota is one of the leading states in both the breadth and depth of its IoT ecosystem.   It has an enormous opportunity if it can create an IoT cluster and cross sector partnerships to position itself as a leader.   Though it is in the lead now,  many other states and vertical industries are competing for this leadership and it remains yet to be seen if Minnesota can develop the vision and initiative to fulfill its potential as a leader in this emerging industry.

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