Robotics, Automation and AI – Investing

ACG LogoThe investment opportunities for growth in AI, Robotics and Automation will be greater than that of the internet companies like Facebook, Google or Amazon.  This was the position of William Studebaker, President, Chief Investment Officer, and Managing Partner at ROBO Global, LLC.   He was a featured speaker at the ACG event hosted at the Windows over Minnesota on the 50th floor of the IDS building in downtown Minneapolis.

His firm created a index fund of some of the top AI, Robotics and Automation companies around the globe.   Many of the leading companies in this space are outside the US and not aways represented on Wall Street.  These are emerging companies that are booming in large markets like Asia and Europe.

Here are some of the key points covered during the presentation: ( RAAI = Robotics, Automation and AI)

  • The growth of these RAAI industries will be bigger than the internet
  • The internet and new IOT technologies are the foundation that are enabling these new RAAI markets.
  • RAAI will cross all sectors,  but some will transition quicker than others.
  • Performance and cost of technology is driving exponential, not linear growth
  • Over 198 countries are actively developing and deploying RAAI technologies.
  • There is an increasing number of new RAAI open source frameworks that are accelerating more companies building on these platforms
  • The scale of growth will be larger outside the USA
  • China is one of the leaders in RAAI because industry and government are working together

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