2019 Minnebar Conference

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Minnebar 14 conference was hosted at the Best Buy Headquarters in Bloomington Minnesota.  The event has grown to over 1700+ attendees ranging from technologists, start-ups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  The all day conference featured over 160+ speakers across multiple tracks.

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Conference speaker and sessions list below:

Journey into the Realm of Possibilities
by Maheshwari K Ramakrishnan

Decoding Customer Irrationality !
by Esha Gupta

What to do when you don’t know what the hell to do
by Brian Weyer

🏍 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓬𝓴 𝓞𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓔𝓵𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓬 𝓜𝓸𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓬𝔂𝓬𝓵𝓮 𝔀𝓮 𝓑𝓾𝓲𝓵𝓽
by Ben C

API Authentication
by Gokul Baskaran

Lightning Rants 🌩😡🌩
by Ian Young

Refactoring Database Stored Procedures
by Riley Major

Money Talks
by Jean Lee

How to prepare an effective UX resume and ace your interview presentation
by Anna A Prisacari

“You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car! Everybody gets a car!”: Moving Beyond Zero-Sum Negotiation Strategies
by Marisa Brandt

Social Networks – Moving Beyond The Current Business Model to a Better Future
by Bart Gottschalk

7,777 votes: How we generate the Minnebar schedule
by Paul Cantrell

Tips & Tricks for Creating Video Training & Promotional Content In-House
by Eric A. Zerwas

Piranha Pool (R) 2019 Pitch Event
by Jeffrey C. Robbins

Imposter syndrome support group for job seekers in a new career
by Michelle D’Angelo

Product Discovery Stories: when and how to use a discovery sprint to validate your ideas
by Kevin Burns

🙉🙈🙊Product Management in a Nutshell 🙉🙈🙊
by Wessam Sonbol

The History of the 6502 Processor.. Or How Your Spreadsheet Died From Dysentery…
by Ben Leadholm

Scaling Within: Expand Your Inner Capacity to Sustain Growth
by Meredith Kathleen Neumann, MS, LMFT

Leverage Technology in Real Estate Wealth building
by Senthil Kumaran

Minnestar: How it all began – with co-founders Ben Edwards and Luke Francl
by Maria Ploessl, Luke Francl, and Ben Edwards

BoatThing using Hardware and Data to sail better, sail faster
by David Herring

LENR: A Primer on Carbon-Free Heat Tech
by Greg Daigle

Online in 2019: Personal Internet Security Basics
by Dan Ficker

Optimizing SQL Server: What Developers Can Do
by Andrew Brobston

Beyond Diversity; Fostering an Inclusive Culture at Best Buy
by Sara Heitkamp

Let’s Talk About Agile!
by Tsering Choephel

Find, Recruit and Retain Top Talent: Best Practices from a Local Recruiting Agency
by John Arnold, Connor Duffy, and Katie Larson

How to grow your skill to get in to AI/Machine Learning/Data Science teams
by Senthil Kumaran

Hardware catastrophe in the datacenter
by Kody Kantor

Intro to Immersive Experiences for Research and Design
by Edward Euclide

A crash course on Hiring and Firing
by Genghis Philip and Brianna Durfee

Ditch the Pitch: Founder Friendly Ways to Get Started (and Get Funded)
by Zack Steven

Modern Wizardry 🧙🏼‍♂️ Intro to FPV Drones: Racing, Freestyle and Cinematics
by Jason Kaasovic

5G and IoT in Retail, Healthcare, Homes and Cities
by Chris Medina

Accessibility in the development process
by Christina Adams

Facebook Audience Targeting Tips and Tricks
by Bob Sparkins

UX Whiteboard Challenge
by Andy Krueger, Joel Lueders, and Anna Haug

Starting Up in Saint Paul: Tips for Founders & Innovators
by Mary Rick, Evva Kraikul, and Jai Winston

Live Junior Dev Mentoring
by Mpls Jr Devs, Carla Brady, Kam Kubesh, Mai Yer Lee, Sarah Cooke, and Matt Decuir

Intro to personal safety and self defense
by Casey Shultz

Finally Time to Take Care of People – Software Team Management in the Agile World
by Kemal Balioglu

Sharing the Minneapolis-Saint Paul tech community story with the world: How should we tell it?
by Tiffany Orth, Matt Lewis, Meg Steuer, Kelly Clausen, and Stephanie Rich

🚀 Making Distributed Systems Easy With Apache Kafka 😃
by Shawn Seymour

How can we design products in ways that value mental health?
by Madelin Snyder

Everywhere UX
by Ken Krutsch

Machine Learning for dummies
by Eric Kang

Work Space Selection: Aligning Work Space With Your Company’s Growth
by David Anderson

Bootstrapper’s Delight
by Bruno Bornsztein and Kevin McArdle

The Principles of Business Model Innovation, by Atland Ventures
by Lucas Bagno

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to replace Data Scientists?
by Josh Janzen

How to create a successful Kickstarter! 🔥🔥🔥 A story of flaming wizard staffs
by Brian Krohn and Steven Thomalla

A Live Drone Race 😎🎮⌘ at Minnebar 😯😲🤯
by Marty Wetherall

Mental Health in the Workplace: Creating Caring Communities
by Aneela Idnani, Laurie Healy, and Dustin Bruzenak

Why I Built This – Ignite Talks from 5 Emerging Startups
by Nels Pederson

What is Your Contradiction?
by David Quimby

What it’s Like To Be a Developer at Company X
by Matt Decuir, Joseph Szczesniak, Jaim Zuber, Nicole Liang, and Travis Meyer

App Analytics for CEOs and Startups
by Andrew Rahn

The Digitalization of Farming
by Joel Coppin

The Preflight Checklist: lessons learned the hard way, so you can ship your app the easy way
by Andrew Haisting and Matt Schraan

The secret society of Twin Cities Startup Week planning, and how to be a part of it
by Casey Shultz

But it works on my machine!
by Jason Hsu

Computer Science Education in MN
by Andrew Haisting

Korean Skincare Intro #SELFCARE
by Eve Poeschl

When Will It Be Done? How Bad Questions Give You Bad Software (And What To Ask Instead)
by Collin Flynn

Getting Started with Accessibility
by Cari Tan

Beyond Tensorflow
by Kyle Smaagard

Personal Brand Development for Technologists
by Levi McCormick

100 Days, Racism, and Starting Over: Finding faith in programming
by Chelsey McKinney

Data-driven & Human-centered: Connecting the Dots for Maximum Impact
by Sara Cowles

There Is No Blockchain, Just Computer Science Engineering (Why blockchain is made for Non-Profit)
by Bury Huang

Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade 4 (All Day)
by Ian Fitzpatrick and Zachary Johnson

Machine Learning: The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything… or the End of Civilization As We Know It?
by Jessica Meyer, Anna Bliss, Dave Mathias, Ethel He, and Rudy Agovic

Building My Startup’s Web Application using AWS + Django + jQuery + GitHub
by Bart Gottschalk

Why Diversity Matters
by Jeff Lin, Antoinette Smith, Jenessa White, Philip Xiao, and Elliott Payne

MinneNerds 🤓 – Community Discussion
by Ben J MacKinney

Find Your Co-Founder! Job Fair Edition
by Ben J MacKinney
The Bike, The Bus, The Boots — Tips and Tricks of a Car-free Life
by Peter Vader

Systematic Ideation 🚀Good Ideas Are Not Accidents!
by Ben J MacKinney

Evangelizing Python For Business
by Katie Kodes and Chris Moffitt

XML and JSON for Total Beginners
by Katie Kodes

Let’s Talk About Product Management at Different Local Companies
by Adrienne Peirce, Shawn Heller, and Jeremy Moede

Backdrop – A powerful open source CMS for small businesses and non-profits
by Tim Erickson

Bootstrapping step by step
by John Cosgrove

Your First Lean Step: How to Create a Lean Canvas
by Katherine Frankowski and Brian Krohn

Hands-on Workshop: Coding Robots with JavaScript 🤖✋🤖
by Ben Edwards, Justin woo, and Chris Meyer

DevRel@Target: Why Target needed DevRel to attract and retain engineers
by Ana Bahr

Blockchain@Target: Distributed Ledgers in the Enterprise
by Joel Crabb

Designing Technology to Combat Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa
by Kate Kuehl

VC Reverse Pitch- Learn a VC’s investment criteria
by Rob Weber and Mary Grove

Shiny objects are cool, but so is building products people use
by Jenna Pederson

🏫🏪Leasing (or buying) Commercial Space for your Business
by Tiffany L Brace

The Programmer’s Notebook
by Luke Francl

Delivering Smaller: Reducing Risk and Learning Faster
by Don Eitel

Google Tag Manager and Friends
by Lon Koenig

Can virtual reality change your mind?
by Thong Nguyen

Getting Your Way (Without Being a Jerk)
by Joelle Tegwen

Build Your Own Self-Driving Car or Advances In Computer Vision
by Albert Choy

Using design to trick people into thinking your app is faster than it is
by Mike Bollinger

Machine Learning in Sales and Marketing – Beating Google and Facebook at Their Own Game
by Marcia Stellpflug

Be the Scrum Master of Your Own Life 🔥
by Dick Polipnick

Financing Your Emerging Tech Company: Legal Issues
by David Peteler

Scaling Community Decision-making
by Benjamin Melançon

Making a Nintendo Game: Four Years of Dev, Travel, Pitching, and Publishers
by Zachary Johnson

Creators + Money = R&D Tax Credits – Keep more of what you earn!!
by Lee Prinkkila – CPA, CGMA

Enterprise & Startup Innovation – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
by Matthew Hurewitz and Jay Myers

Developing A Moonshot Idea – Broadening Perspective & Thinking Creatively
by Ryan Weber

Minne 1 Million Cups at Minnebar14
by Patrick Donohue, Ryan Furness, Tony Collen, Kevin McArdle, Joel Ackerman, and David Peteler

🤖Robots as a Development Platform + Live Coding on a Robot…with JavaScript
by Ben Edwards, Justin woo, and Chris Meyer

Q&A Session for Wannabe Solopreneurs
by Don Ball

📊📲 Better Products with Data Viz
by Dave Mathias

Oh, the humanity!
by Don Ball

Tactical Advice for Hiring Developers
by Matt Decuir

7 Skills of Successful Change Agents
by Michelle Smeby

😃💥 Experience Happiness: From startup to a Million a month with no investors- you can do it too!
by Jeffry Brown
Kubernetes Operability Tooling
by Bridget Kromhout
Get Internet Famous or Die Trying
by Louis Abramowski and Shayla Christine
Anatomy of a Killer Social Media Strategy
by Louis Abramowski
What is Technical Coaching? The Art, Science, and Culture Of Engineering Enablement
by Michael Migliacio
How to Build Better Betas
by Andrew Schneider and Nick Wellner
Automated Tests Aren’t Enough
by Dan Lew
Managing Your IT Career v11 (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)
by Paul DeBettignies
🤫🤬 Misophonia – Coping With a Hatred of Sounds
by Adeel Ahmad
Software Correctness Tools
by Mark Gritter
Indie Game Development Microtalks
by Dev Jana, Martin Grider, Ian Fitzpatrick, Adia Alderson, and Charles McGregor
Blockchain/DLT Technical Primer 2019
by Andy Gikling
Intro to Microfinancing & How to Empower Entrepreneurs Worldwide
by Clark Varin
Agile & Web Accessibility 101
by Tea Dejanovic and Nirajan Shrestha
Shrink The Web: How To Be Happier With Your Website By Removing The Crap
by Lemon 🍋
More Than Words: The Power of Type 🔡🔠
by Mykl Roventine
Web Accessibility – Are you doing it right?
by Adi Turlapati
Build Your Own Peer Advisory Group (it’s easier than it sounds!)
by Victoria Schanen
Discover CSS Grid
by Jacqueline Quintanilla
Competitive Computer Coding – Let’s play a game and have some fun!
by Luke Schlangen
Architecture for Mere Mortals
by Colin Lee
Engineering (towards) Agile
by Andrew Miller
Putting it All Together – Nail the Interview, Get the Job, and Deliver Value
by Jennifer Simon
Minnestar Tech Roadmap and Call for Volunteers
by Jenna Pederson
Why you need to tokenize your startup!
by Zach Robins and David Duccini
by Damien Riehl
SingularityU Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter Intro to Exponential Technology & Leadership
by Ryan Weber
UX Office Hours (get answers to your biggest UX questions) — All Day
by Bryce Howitson, Andrea Edstrom, Michael Arney, Jason Spidle, Shashi Lo, Anthony Molzahn, Nick Wellner, Leana Stone, Tom deBruyn, Nils Hansen, Rima Reda, Melissa Lahn, and Leslie Mollner
The State of Minnesota Tech – 2019
by Jeff Pesek
JS and Parallel Processing(!?)
by Joe Karlsson
💰💵📈Personal finance for programmers
by Daniel Feldman
⚡⚡⚡⚡Lightning talks ⚡⚡⚡⚡
by Daniel Feldman
Kubernetes: A Cautionary Tale
by Joshua Sheppard
You Make Connected Gadgets
by Eric Tsai
What It’s Like to Shut Down
by Peter Leppik
Low-cost validation: what we’ve learned from helping 100+ startups.
by Austin Kettelhut, Joseph Schlichting, Matt Geiser, Richard Anderson, and Todd Churchill
Better Every Day – Growing a Learning Culture at Target
by Erica Prairie
The building blocks – why organizational structure sucks but wins
by Darrin Levine
A brief oral history of JavaScript
by Rebecca McCann-Young
👩🏽‍💻🚀 Side Projects for Fun and Profit – 2019 Edition
by Adeel Ahmad