Case Study Library: Enterprise Architecture Practice


Create an Enterprise Architecture Practice for a Global Fortune 50 Insurance Corporation

Digital Transformation of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Building Enterprise Architecture to Transform Business Legacy Systems to a Service Oriented Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Management of a 150+ Active Project Portfolio
M&A: SuperValu and Albertson – IT Systems Analysis and Integration
M&A: SuperValu and Albertson – SDLC evaluation and integration
SuperValu Testing practice
M&A: Thrivent and Lutheran Brotherhood – SDLC integration
M&A: Allianz and LifeUSA: SDLC Integration and Systems Architecture
Enterprise Architecture: Aurora / Novus Print Media / Systems architecture / Standards
Enterprise Architecture: CSC / Daymark
Enterprise Architecture: CSC / NCS / Guidant
Enterprise Architecture: CSC / MCDA
Systems Architect: PIC
Systems Architect: HMO
Systems Operator: HMO