Create a Business Architecture Practice



Lead a blended team of employees and consults to develop a new Business Architecture Practice for a Fortune 100 Supply Chain and Retail corporation.  The new practice has to be developed from the ground up in the organization and integrated with the executive team, lines of business in addition to the existing Enterprise Architecture Practice and Portfolio & Project Management Office.


An incremental roadmap was prioritized to drive the development of multiple capabilities of the new practice with independent maturation curves based on the time to incremental and immediate value for the organization.   The initial capability selected was the development of the enterprise Business Process Modeling group and supporting toolsets and repositories.   Vendor and technology evaluations preceded the implementation of the modeling environments and modeling teams were integrated into active projects.   High value / revenue value chains were identified and modeled for the organization allowing for impact and future state planning.   The process model created a bases for addition capabilities around Value Chaining, Process Blue Printing, Process Valuation, Business Technology Management and Governance integration points.


The practice became a strategic asset for the corporation and at the forefront of strategic planning and transformation initiatives.  It provided a key integration point for the business across IT, operations and cross line of business efforts. Over several years the practice continued to expand to support strategy planning around opportunity and risk management,  impact analysis,  business intelligence, decision support and executive dashboards.  As business architecture matured,  it was able to lend its best practices to mature other groups around the enterprise.


  • Capability Development
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)
  • Business Process Blueprinting (BPB)
  • Business Process Valuation (BPV)
  • Value Chain Management (VCM)
  • Business Technology Management (BTM)
  • Enterprise Service Level Agreements (ESLAM)
  • Governance
  • Opportunity and Risk Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Communication Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Mangement