Thinkergy Event


I had a great experience attending the “Genius Journey: Developing Authentic Creative Leaders for the Innovation Economy”
presented by Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D.) founder of Thinkergy in Hong Kong.    This was a very interactive innovation event for business and innovation practitioners.
Dr. Reis share his methodologies that he has been developing for over a decade focused on a four phased approach to innovation:
  1. Genius Journey
  2. X-IDEA
  3. Cool
  4. TIPS
Each phase is a complete an mature step in the innovation lifecycle.   The depth and extent of development was very impressive spanning everything from the facilities and environment, processes,  cultural aspects, individual and group dynamics,  and a huge repositories of tools to leverage throughout.
While spending the past decade in both research and hands on application he has now reached the point where he has authored several books  ( soon to be published )on each phase and is moving towards both teaching the methodology and creating facilities in Asia built to provide the optimal environment for it application.
Another aspect of the approach and toolsets that was very differentiated was its development and application multiple international markets.   His presentation highlighted many cultural challenges that must be addressed in the innovation process.   This required the maturation of the overall approach and development of a much more extensive toolset supporting the methodology that traditional models that have been derived in North America.
I also enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time talking with Dr. Ries after the event to explore areas of synergy in our work and how current projects I’m involved in could benefit and help scale his offerings.

Global Innovation Centers / Cisco Teleconference


I was a featured speaker at an international conference on innovation and international exchange that was hosted by Cisco Corporation at their teleconferencing office in Bloomington Minnesota.   The conference was joined by innovation representatives spanning US cities and other locations including Russia, China, Singapore, etc.    Different groups talked about the innovation initiatives they were leading in their countries and were looking for ways to integrate and collaborate around developing an international exchange of practices, innovations, and more collaborative integrations.
I was one of the speakers invited to share insights into the research and initiatives I was current leading in Minnesota.
My presentation covered the following areas of activities:
  1. Learning & practices my research was finding in the development of innovation economies around the world.
  2. How a variety of funding models needed to be integrated at different stages of the innovation lifecycle of centers to create a sustainable and more scaleable model
  3. Work I was exploring with economists around new areas of global exchange.   This is a large topic that is looking at new forms of international exchange beyond basic trade and transactions that is built to create sustainable innovation collaboration and all the talent, investment, and resources required.   It also embodies a new language around exchange to describe new business and revenue models around an innovation economy.
  4. Designing global platforms to facilitate collaboration and integration of innovation centers.  This was another broad topic spanning a range of platforms ( like digital ) to a host of others required to support the broad spectrum of exchange resources.
  5. A brief overview of international funding activities to support the build out of these shared services.
My Q&A session was very active as there was a great deal of interest and synergy points across the various attendees from other regions.  I found the event to be a fantastic opportunity for a global network that launched conversations that turned into rich an active ongoing relationships today.
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