PMDA Medical Innovation Panel at hosted at Abbott

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.05.24 PM.pngI attended the August PDMA innovation event at Abbott ( formerly St. Jude.)   The interaction between the medial panel and the audience was quite involved with the audience being full of experts in their own right.   This provided multiple points of view to key topics identified below.

Abbott VP of Research and Development and University of Minnesota Medical Device Center Director explain how work gets done in a highly regulated and exciting ecosystem. We shall review components of research, product development, patients or consumers, costs, legalities and regulations – and, the Innovation Collaboration.
  • Engage companies to discover unmet consumer needs
  • Identify transdisciplinary resources
  • Assemble expert research and engineering team
  • Incorporate the company’s team to collaborate
  • Manage team project schedule
  • Produce deliverables based on individual agreement
  • Understand the capabilities and partnerships at the University of Minnesota Medical Device Center
  • Learn about the business relationships with the University of Minnesota and medical companies
  • Learn about the behind-the-scenes medical work:
    • What are the key phases of the product development process, and how are patients involved in this process?
    • With new regulations and increasing costs of manufacturing, how do you balance customer requirements, cost of research, product costs, and pricing pressures?
    • Which political or legal forces have the biggest impact on the medical device industry?
    • How does healthcare economics and reimbursement play a role in product development, new product adoption and money available to invest in R&D?


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Rochester Commercial Real Estate Development and Investment Summit

screenshot.pngI attended the 2017 Destination Medical Center Real Estate and Investment Summit in Rochester MN.   It was a full day event being hosted at the Mayo Civic Center located on the downtown waterfront of the Zumbro river.   The day would begin with guided walking tours of the new development areas in downtown as well as visit familiar sites around the Mayo buildings and cultural centers of downtown.   This included the Heart of the City,  Discovery Square, Central Station, St. Mary’s Place, and the Downtown Waterfront areas of planned development. The UMR/recreation area was also mentioned on the tour.
Over twenty speakers would take the stage throughout the day to talk about different aspects of the development activities in Rochester.  The speaker roster included:
Mayor Brede, City of Rochester
Doug Holtan, Mayo Clinic
Rob Miller, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
Jon Buggy, RSP Architects
David Vigliotta, Seventhwave
Joe Weis, Weis Builders
Jamie Sundsbak, Collider
Chris Puchalla, Iron Point Partners
Jeanine Gangeness, Winona State University
Nick Pompeian, Realty Growth Incorporated
Kent Roers, Roers Investments
Tom Leimer, Knutson Construction
Lisa Clarke, Destination Medical Center, Economic Development Agency
Richard Freese, City of Rochester
Patrick Seeb, Destination Medical Center, Economic Development Agency
Mac Hamilton, Hamilton Realty Inc
Bob Lux, Alatus LLC
Rick Fenske, Weis Builder
Nate Stencil, Stencil Group
There where many diverse stories of investment, development, and innovations that spanned industry, community, and transportation.   They investments around infrastructure are very future forward in terms of next generation solutions.  The city is also attracting a fair amount of international investment.
The day concluded with a large networking session and then the final ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new expansion of the Mayo Civic Center.   The amount of energy, interest, investment, and mindshare that the community shares was both visible and felt in all the interactions.   The depth and breadth of the vision into the future also sets a high bar for other city planners.   My steps involve a number of follow-on meetings in Rochester that will explore the best practices around building economic engines around innovation, education, and exchange that can amplify the great progress already underway.
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2014 Medical Device World Conference

MDM Logo

I attended the Med Tech World / MDM –  Medical Device Conference hosted at the Minneapolis convention center.
This was an amazing international event in terms of size, topics, and representation of the global medical device and healthcare community.  The multi-day event featured multiple tracks of speakers and focus areas.   Large vendor pavilions showcase the latest innovations in devices,  hospital systems, and lab equipment.   There was also training courses offered to attendees in a wide range of topics.  While the event was thriving with conversation, a common theme I found among attendees was the challenge in networking effectively.   While serendipity of being co-located for the event certainly creates great opportunity for pro-active outreach,  it was clear that a bit more orchestration and facilitation in the event planning would be a game changing multiplier.  Given attendees come form around the world,  the most important aspect is who they are connected to after they return home.
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