1st Investor Conversation with Norway

B8BB1187-965D-4542-8DB6-5C84217803B5.jpgOur Economic Development Team met with investor reps from Norway.   We explored interest levels around investment in innovation, education, and exchange centers to facilitate stronger international business.  Norway has a very strong culture of innovation and education.   They were very open to looking at international partnerships.   Aspects of the discuss centered on the challenges they face in commercializing and large scale manufacturing of new innovations due to regional costs and the benefit of international partnerships to achieve those goals.   They also talked about investment criteria and key regions in the USA that they are targeting investments.   Their portfolio of interest is also a blend of short term and long term investment objectives which also dictate criteria for selection.


Norway Delegation visits Minnesota


As a follow on to the Minnesota delegation visit to Norway to meet with business and Parliament the MN MIT and Harvard Clubs hosted several Norwegian debates to Minnesota.   The reception was held at Marquette Place and in attendance included the    Mayor of Telemark, Mr. Terje Riis Johansen ( former Minister of Petroleum and Energy.). The Telemark region is developing a business and higher education strategy that focuses exclusively on the Midwest (Minnesota and North Dakota).   Partnerships around business, research, and education are being explored.    A larger delegation of Minnesota representatives is being planned for late summer of 2015.